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Back in Black: 1990-Present

Elsa / Getty Images

Elsa / Getty Images

The 1990’s brought back the black and white color scheme to Chicago’s AL team. While the 1989 uni’s were still worn in 1990, the new look has essentially become permanent.

The home whites are with a black pinstripe and the old, but updated “Sox” script logo on the left chest. On the right side was the added player number. For the first few years, the back did not feature the player name, only the number. Eventually the surname was added.

On the gray uniforms, a new black with white trim cursive “Chicago” was on the front. The black with white trim player number was on the left side. Added to the sleeve is a very sharp diamond sock patch.

The most popular of the team’s alternate uniforms is their black top. Styled like their home white, the all black top has the “Sox” logo on the left, player number on the right side. Like the grays, they also featured the sock patch. For a brief time the team also had sleeveless white pinstripe jerseys as well.

The hat went back to an all black and with “Sox” in white.

It should be noted that the first “Turn Back the Clock” uniforms were worn by the White Sox in 1990. They wore 1917 throwback uniforms (with player number on the back) becoming pioneers to one of baseball’s most cherished tradition.


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