Classic Threads: Chicago White Sox

Black Sox and Beyond: 1917-1929

Bain News Service / Library of Congress

Bain News Service / Library of Congress

The White Sox kept their “Sox” chest logo from the end of the previous run. It really became incorporated into their look.

The white home uniforms used the Sox logo in many different variations. The pinstripe jersey was seen from 1917 to 1920. It then became a plain white jersey with the threaded spoonhead yoke on the placket. In 1917 they had a red white and blue “Sox” alternate (In a plain white jersey). This was followed up with the “Sox” script having little white socks added in the script.

The early pinstripe version was worn by the Sox in the early 1990’s (more on that later on in the post)

As far as the road jerseys, this team went through a multitude of styles. Early on the “Sox” script replaced “Chicago”, to keep a lot like the whites. It came in gray with blue pinstripes, solid gray and blue with white pinstripes.

By 1926, “Chicago” returned to the road uniforms. At first it was a solid navy blue with white trim and white script. Then it went to a gray pinstripe jersey then final a solid gray jersey.

For the most part, the white and blue bill or gray in blue bill hats were worn a majority of the time. Though earlier in this run, the vertical striped hats were paired well with the pinstripes. The earliest “Sox” hat appeared in this run. They even had a navy cap with white socks on the front.

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