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Red, Blue & White Sox: 1930-1948

Associated Press

Associated Press

As the White Sox entered the 1930’s, we saw multiple looks on their uniforms. A more Americana color scheme became a constant.

The classic “Sox” logo was seen throughout this era on the home whites. At first it was red with navy trim but returned to navy blue. The downward “Sox” script made it’s debut in 1932. That same season a new script was used as an alternate (this is a modern photo of the same design). For 1942 only, a red with blue trim “White Sox” cursive script was on the front. A thicker “Sox” script was added in 1939 and was featured on the home jerseys the rest of the run. The spoonhead design was a thick red and blue trim but later thinned out following the 1944 season.

The road jerseys kept the “Chicago” script but again, was in a variety of colors and designs. Briefly, the jerseys were still navy blue with “Chicago” in white. As it went to a gray in 1932, the script stayed the same font but was red with blue trim. Red and blue were added to the jersey’s trim in 1939. The script went to a block style in blue with red trim. It went to navy later on in this era.

The Sox went through a few different hat designs. Most notably was the “Sox” logo in white and red. They also had a block “C” in red .

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