Classic Threads: Chicago White Sox

Introducing Black & White: 1949-1963

Associated Press

Associated Press

As the White Sox neared the 1950’s they gave their uniforms a redesign with a new logo and color scheme we are all familiar with. Black and white become the color scheme. The diagonal “Sox” script is unveiled.

The home whites took on the “Sox” script on the left chest. For 1949 and 1950, it was on a plain white jersey top. For the 1951 through 1963 season it featured black pinstripes (briefly in blue pinstripes) and the “Sox” logo had a red trim. A player number was added to the right sleeve. The back player number was done in black with red trim.

The road grays took on a simple arched “Chicago” block script. For the most part “Chicago” was done in black (plus in a bolder font), but briefly was done with a red trim to match the home uni’s. Like the home’s a black number was added on the right sleeve. The back number (and eventually the name) was done in black.

As for the Sox on field hats, they went through a couple variations. From 1949 and 1950, they wore an all black hat with a unique “C” logo. In 1951, the hat stayed black but the new logo was the sans serif “Sox” logo in white with a red outline.

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