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Bringing the Blues Back: 1964-1970

USA Today Sports Images

USA Today Sports Images

During the later stages of the 1960’s baseball got to see a different color with the White Sox. The team transitioned back to a blue look.

The home jerseys during this run kept the pinstripe design (in blue). The same “Sox” script stayed on the left side of the jersey top. The player number transitioned from the right sleeve to the right side of the jersey in 1967. For the 1969 and 1970 seasons, the top went a plain white with a blue spoonhead yoke on the placket. The back of the jerseys were done in the same blue as the front.

Powder blue was the look on the road jerseys. The only exception was the 1969 and 1970 seasons when they went back to a flannel gray. The first few seasons had the arched “Chicago” script in navy and player number on the right sleeve. This was later replaced by the slanted cursive “Chicago” script with the player number underneath in navy. It was changed to white in the last two seasons. On the back the player number was navy with white trim, while the newly added player name was done in only navy (white trim was added to the name in 1969).

A blue “Sox” hat was the team’s lid during this run. The old English “Sox” made a comeback in 1969.

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