Classic Threads: Chicago White Sox

Bringing Back A Classic and A Terrible Experiment: 1976-1981

Diamond Images / Getty Images

Diamond Images / Getty Images

The other uniforms the White Sox wore during the 1970’s were the side effects to the wild looks of the decade. Chicago tried to channel an old time look. While this run was most famously noted for the short lived, uh shorts, overall these uni’s get a bad rep.

The home white pullover jersey featured a navy blue, folded collar. “Chicago” was done in a navy arched script. The player name and number was also navy on the back.

The road navy uni’s featured the same look. The “Chicago” script and the player name and number were done in white. Even weirder was seeing both home and away jersey tops untucked.

For the sake of amusement, I’ll throw in some shots of the shorts. Someone say slow pitch softball?

The “Sox” hat logo got an update. It was leveled off and was featured in an all navy look. For the 1976 season, the team had a white hat with navy bill.

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