Classic Threads: Cleveland Indians

Returning to Button Downs: 1986-1993

Rick Stewart / Getty Images

Rick Stewart / Getty Images

Thankfully the Indians ditched pullovers and went back to a button down look during this period.

From 1986 to 1988, the home and away jerseys were plain jerseys. “Indians” was done in navy with red trim. A player number was in red on the left side. These were the jerseys seen in the movie  Major League.

From 1989 on, a navy-white-red piping was added to the shoulders and sides of the uniform. The colors on the fonts stayed the same but the home whites said “Indians” while the road grays had “Cleveland”. Chief Wahoo stayed on the sleeve. These uniforms were featured in the movie in Major League II.

Chief Wahoo returned to the team’s lid, a navy with red brim.

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