Classic Threads: Cleveland Indians

New Look For a New Ballpark: 1994-2010

Associated Press

Associated Press

With the Indians moving into Jacobs Field, the team needed a makeover. They got a great one.

The home white jerseys adopted a cursive “Indians” script in red. The top originally had a red spoonhead trim only to be replaced by blue trim. As you can see the latter uniforms added a silver accent.

“Cleveland” was featured on the road grays. Much like the home uniforms, silver accents were added to the script and name/number.

The Indians had a variety of alternate uniforms. Navy blue jersey tops were first introduced. They initially had “Indians” in the cursive script and then eventually a “Cleveland” top was added. When they changed the top the back name was done in a drop shadow. For a short time they had vest styled tops with Chief Wahoo on the chest. They added an off white jersey with “Indians” in a sans serif font.

Chief Wahoo stayed on the lid. The home hat was the navy with red bill. An all navy lid became the team’s road hat. As the team tried to ween fans off of Chief Wahoo, the size of the team’s controversial and iconic mascot got smaller. There was even a short live cursive “I” logo that was not well received. This was replaced with the block “C” in red on the navy hat.

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