Classic Threads: Cleveland Indians

A Subtle Change: 2011-Present



Recently, Cleveland decided to simplify their uniforms. While they may not be as ornate, they have looked great.

The home white removed the spoonhead on the jersey. The Indians script has a cleaned up appearance.

A block lettered “Cleveland” takes over the road gray. I love the classic look of these uni’s.

Keeping in line with the altered home uniform, the blue alternate top had the same look. The team kept the off white uniforms in the rotation.

The minimized Chief Wahoo on the all navy and navy-and-red caps remained. Seen more often is the block “C” hat in both red and navy. While I personally love the Wahoo logo (yes, I’m fully aware it’s not PC to like it) the newer lids look great.

We continue in the division with the Detroit Tigers

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