Classic Threads: Cleveland Indians

The Early Years: 1901-1932

MLB Photos / Getty Images

MLB Photos / Getty Images

The Cleveland Indians had many different uniforms during this era. A common theme was the home uniform featuring a “C” on the chest and the road uniform that read “Cleveland” across it.

The early home “C” was rendered in a block style similar to the “C” on the alternate hats today. This eventually went to a cursive “C”  and stayed that way until 1910. The block “C” returned when they transitioned to a pinstripe jersey. It went to a more stylized look in the 1920s, and even featured an Indian head in 1928. The logo returned to a block style toward the end of this run.

During the infancy of the Indians, their road uniforms were blue, first with a block “C”, and then  with “Cleveland”. The city script appeared on both a plain gray and pinstriped jersey.

Something you would never see nowadays is the 1921 uniforms with “Worlds Champions” (They left out the apostrophe in World’s) across the chest. The Indians had these to celebrate their 1920 World Series title.

The common thread on most of the hats worn during this era was the stylized “C”.

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