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The Glory Days: 1946-1957

Sporting News Archives

Sporting News Archives

During this era, the Indians became the first American League team to break the color barrier, won two pennants and even a World Series. Their on-field look was just as great.

The home whites during this period had a clean design. Early on “Indians” was in a red cursive script with a tail. The jersey top featured a navy spoonhead trim. This was replaced with a plain white top with the “Indians” script losing the tail in both red and navy.

On the road grays “Cleveland” in block letters stayed. Earlier in the era, a thin spoonhead was added on the red script. This was eventually dropped along with a blue script “Cleveland” thrown in the mix. Both jerseys had a clean look on the back.

Chief Wahoo even went through a makeover during this run. The extremely racist Wahoo was turned into the not as racist Wahoo.

The wishbone “C” hats remained for the early part of the era. The “C” with the Chief Wahoo inside eventually took over.

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