Classic Threads: Cleveland Indians

Embracing the Vee: 1972-1977

Associated Press

Associated Press

The Indians were early adopters of the ’70s pullover scene. They also went all-in with all red uniforms that were not received well by baseball fans.

The first V-necks were fairly basic. Both the home and away jerseys had the same design. “Indians” was emblazoned across the front in a red sans serif font.

By 1973, the Indians added more color and a new stylized “Indians” script. The home white and road gray had the script in blue. The blue alternate top had the script in white with red trim. The red alternate pullover was white with blue trim. On the left sleeve was the swinging Chief Wahoo logo (I love the look of that logo).

Initially the Indians had the wishbone “C” logo on the hat. It was red with the blue with white outline “C”. This transitioned to a clam shell “C” from there on out. The logo was red on an all blue hat and then a blue with red brim lid.

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