Five New Year’s Resolutions for the Chicago Cubs



Resolution 1: Never lose focus.

There were very few moments in the 2015 season where the absolute belief in what the team was doing, and what they could do, wavered. Now and then we could see it in your eyes – frustration at the plate after several strikeouts, or problems on the mound — the sensation of watching a pitch that should have been a strike flying over the fence in the eighth inning. The first resolution is this, when things seem suddenly overwhelming or stacked against you, think about Jake Arrieta‘s game face and wear it. Once that settles in, think about Jonathan Herrera‘s grin as he rubbed his hands on his helmet. Then remember Jason Motte stomping his foot to a song only he could hear and howling to the moon.

There is no reason to lose focus. Every one of you really are that good. Own it. Be one with the penguin and the snow leopard. Imagine the other team in their pajamas (you know you can do that, we have pictures of you in yours).

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