Five New Year’s Resolutions for the Chicago Cubs



Resolution 2: Play the first inning as if it was the last.

Don’t wait and win by a flashy come-from-behind flurry of runs, or count on the pitcher to hold the other team back. Attack every single at-bat as if it was the last one in the World Series. Take the lead, build it and hold it. In 2015, the few times you faltered were those when your opponents got the momentum early on.

There are no holes in your batting order. It might be the only order in MLB where you could take the last three or four batters, and move them to the top of the lineup, and still win. Don’t swing for the fence very time, swing for the hit, because someone behind you will knock you in. Trust it.

The second resolution is determination. Be the hero of every game. Be one of nine.

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