Five New Year’s Resolutions for the Chicago Cubs



Resolution 4: Before, during, and after every game, think of the fans.

Your story is unique. If you step onto that World Series field and bring home a championship, it’s not the same as if the Cardinals, or the Pirates, or even the White Sox do it. It has not happened in a century. The last time it took place a three-fingered man named Mordecai Brown stood on the mound, and the world was a very, very different place. We get a very few chances in life to truly change the world – this is one. This is a big one. The young, the old, the bandwagon hangers-on and those of us who have waited a lifetime will be part of it. There is an energy here that is yours to share. You won’t just be a baseball team, you will be legends. The spirits of Ernie Banks and Ron Santo, Hippo Vaughn and Charlie Grimm stand with you. We all stand with you.

The fourth resolution is… be legendary.

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