Five New Year’s Resolutions for the Chicago Cubs



Resolution 5: Have fun.

Listen to Joe Maddon and soak in his attitude. Realize that you are absolutely the luckiest men on the face of the planet, young, strong, with a clear goal and a job doing something you love for people who love watching you do it. Hold onto the magic. Don’t lose your tempers or your swagger. You have the leadership. You have more than enough talent. You have the support of a million plus screaming fans and the attention of the entire world.

The fifth and final resolution is this. Remember that this is the greatest game on earth, that it’s exciting and complex and absolutely a part of you forever. You have something that almost no one ever gets – a chance to go down in history. You are good. You know it, we know it – and pretty soon the rest of the league will experience it.

Don’t forget to rub your hats.

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