Classic Threads: Detroit Tigers

Tiger Cubs: 1901-1920

Detroit Free Press

Detroit Free Press

From early on this team’s MLB existence, the old English “D” has been prevalent. Though at the start the team spent the first two seasons with “Detroit” on the front of the jerseys.

For the 1903 season, they went to a basic “D” on their left side, on the pocket. They would use a similar, much bolder “D” as an alternate road uniform in 1915 and both home and away in 1916.

The old English “D” was seen on the home and away jerseys through out the 1900s and 1910s. It was seen with a variety of collars and styles, be it folded collars (in navy), straight collars (in navy), and even in pinstripes briefly. They even wore navy blue road uni’s with a white collar.

From 1918 to 1920, a stylized “D” was used. The home uni’s were in pinstripes, while the roads were plain gray.

The earliest hat was done in a navy blue with an reddish orange tiger. After that the old English “D” was prominent on the team’s lid.

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