Classic Threads: Detroit Tigers

The “D” and Pinstripes: 1921-1929

Associated Press

Associated Press

During this era, the old English “D” was still featured on the left chest of both the home and away jerseys. The home was done in a navy pinstripe. The pinstripes were dropped in 1925. The road grays had a navy spoonhead. Both had an added navy trim on the neck of the collar.

The 1927 season replaced the “D” with an orange tiger head on the home and away jerseys. The tiger head was removed back to the “D” on the home jersey but the road moved it to the back and “Tigers” in orange was put on the front. A navy with orange trimmed “D” was on the 1929 jerseys.

The old English “D” was on the hat the whole run. For the most part the hat was navy, but went to white and navy at home and white with navy pinstripe with a navy brim for the 1929 season.

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