Classic Threads: Detroit Tigers

The “D” & Cursive Tigers: 1930-1959

Associated Press

Associated Press

The Tigers went along time with this basic and great look. While there were some variations, it more or less kept the same principle.

From 1930 to 1933, both the home and away jerseys said “Detroit” in a navy cursive script. It even went orange on the road jerseys in 1931. For the 1930 season both uniforms were plain white or gray. From 1931 on they went to a navy pinstripe (which even was worn by the 1992 Tigers).

From 1934 to the end of this era, the plain gray road jersey had “Detroit” in a navy (sometimes orange trim was added) with a navy spoonhead. The home white featured the “D” with the navy spoonhead.

The hats started as a white gray cap with navy brim and “D”. Then the look took on the one we know now, navy hats with either the white or orange “D”. Such a great look.

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