Classic Threads: Detroit Tigers

A Change to the Gray: 1960-1971

Associated Press

Associated Press

In the turbulent 60s, the Tigers were able to help bring a city together as they won the 1968 World Series. While not much changed to their home uniforms, their road jerseys had a bold look.

The Tigers did have a brief experiment with the home whites in 1960. The “D” was replaced with a navy cursive “Tigers” script with a navy player number below on the left side (A TBTC look at this one.). After that, the uniform went back to the navy “D” we all know and love.

On the road grays, there was an adjustment. First “Detroit” went to a navy arched block script, which gave the uni’s a tough look. On the right sleeve was an added navy player number.

The Tigers kept the white “D” on the all navy cap.

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