Classic Threads: Detroit Tigers

The Swinging Vees: 1972-1993

Associated Press

Associated Press

Yes, even Detroit got into V-necks. While it was not used this entire run, the overall look endured for twenty seasons.

Right off the bat, nothing changed on the home whites. The only thing that changed was the players who donned the “D” and navy spoonhead classic. Hell even Tom Selleck looked good in that uniform. He could have played Lance Parrish in the made for TV movie on the 1984 Tigers.

The road uniforms embraced a new version of the block “Detroit”. Done in navy with an orange outline, it was a pullover until 1985. From then until the new jerseys in 1994, it went to a button down, but still kept the blue-orange-white collar.

The Tigers had many variations of the old English “D” on their hats. The home featured the white one. On the road, initially, the “D” was orange with a white outline. This was later changed to an all orange “D”.

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