Classic Threads: Detroit Tigers

Getting Back to the Classics: 1994-Present

Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

While the Tigers did some try their hand at modern looks in the 1990s, they honed in on their classical look.

One again, not much changed with the home white uniform. Why would this team ever bother changing a simple, clean, classic look.

In terms of alternate uniforms, the Tigers had a one game experiment. Intended to be a regular Sunday jersey top, a navy blue uni was only worn for one game in 1995.

The road uniforms took on many variations. All of them featured the “Detroit” cursive script in navy with orange and white trim. For 1994 only, the uniforms had white-orange-blue trim running down the shoulders and sides. This was eliminated the following season for a plain gray look. A navy spoonhead was added in 1997 and is featured to today.

The standard white “D” and orange “D” lids were in the rotation. Early on the road hat was navy with an orange brim but the “D” had a tiger on it. An alternate navy and orange hat with orange “D” was worn briefly.

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