Classic Threads: Kansas City Royals

Back to Button Downs: 1983-1994

Rick Stewart / Getty Images

Rick Stewart / Getty Images

Kansas City cleaned up the look for the eighties. Gone were the V-necks as they welcomed back the button down.

The “Royals” cursive script did not change on the home white, even if the jersey style did. A player number was added to the lower left in royal blue.

Powder blue stayed on the road uniforms for most of this run. The front script went to a white version of the “Royals” design on the home jersey and stayed symmetrical with the player number. The jersey went to gray in 1992.

Added into the rotation was a royal blue alternate top in 1994. All the jerseys kept the sleeve patch. The home white, and the powder blue jersey kept the blue-white-blue collar on the jersey.

Once more there was no change to the hat.

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