Classic Threads: Kansas City Royals

The Steady Decline: 1995-2005

The Kansas City Star

The Kansas City Star

This uniform set added a little more edge to the team placid jersey history.

At first the home white uniform (back) maintained royal blue only “Royals” script. As the team added black and white trim to the script, to give it depth, it really took away from the team’s look. All the while, the team even went to some sleeveless options wearing blue undershirts. Needless to say, the Royals did not look great.

The gray uniform went back to a block “Kansas City” script. Initially it was blue with a white outline. As the added a sleeveless alternate, black was an added accent color. The team wore black undershirts.

There was even an all black jersey added. With the “Royals” script, it featured a royal spoonhead and player number under the script. A much better looking royal blue jersey was introduced late in this era.

The main blue Royals hat stayed the same. Added was an alternate gray with blue brim and blue “KC”. Also worn was a black hat with blue bill and white “KC”.

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