The fourth episode of the 5-Tool Podcast was a little bit different — due to illness and conflicting schedules, Jeff Snider was flying solo this week without his trusty sidekick Nick Hamelin. But listen anyway, because Jeff had a really interesting talk with Joe Davis, who was recently hired by the Los Angeles Dodgers to do play-by-play on about 50 road games this coming season. Legendary broadcaster Vin Scully has not done many road games recently, and last year most of the non-Vin games were done by the team of Charley Steiner, Orel Hershiser, and Nomar Garciaparra. Davis will be replacing Steiner on that team, and with Scully having hinted that 2016 will be his final season, it seems likely that Davis will be the new voice of the Dodgers moving forward.

Coincidentally, most of the news that has happened lately has been about the Dodgers, too, with the team signing both Scott Kazmir and Kenta Maeda in the past few days. Look what happens when Nick takes a week off — Jeff turns it into a Dodgers podcast.

At the end, we talk a little bit about the NHL’s Winter Classic and solicit our listeners’ ideas about what MLB could do along those same lines. We’d love to hear from you on Twitter: @5ToolPodcast, @snidog, and @NickHamelin. You can also follow @Joe_Davis for more about him.

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Jeff J. Snider is a Dodger fan, transplanted from Southern California to the land of NBA and college football fans in Utah. He recently woke up from a really weird dream where he spent over a decade in a career that had nothing to do with baseball or writing, and he's glad that is over.

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