Backward K Podcast: Episode 01

Happy New Year to all of our loyal followers and readers here at Baseball Essential. We truly appreciate each and every one of you and are looking forward to some more fun in 2016!

With the new year comes a new podcast, hosted by me, Ryan Blake, and my good friend, Danny Majerowicz. Neither of us have much experience with ‘podcasting’ but we both have lots of opinions we are excited to share. Hopefully, if we are entertaining enough, we can build a bit of a following and continue to grow.

Our first episode is ready for debut! We have put many hours into preparation for this podcast and were lucky enough to have Craig Goldstein, writer and editor for Baseball Prospectus, join us on our first show. We talk about free agency, Hall of Fame voting, prospect rankings, women in sports media, and more.

Danny and I hope you enjoy our show and will continue to listen in the future!

Backward K – Episode 01 – feat. Craig Goldstein:

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