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Buttons and Stripes: 1987-2009

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As Minnesota dumped the pullover, they decided to update their uniforms to the times.

The home whites brought back the navy pinstripes. “Twins” was no longer a cursive script but included a detached tail. The back of the jerseys neglected the player name for many seasons before finally adding the surname. The red and navy “TC” logo was put on the sleeves. My generation remembers these uni’s from Little Big League.

On the road grays, now with a navy pinstripe, “Minnesota” was on the front of the uniform. The script was in a block style and unlike the home uniform, had no detached tail. Notable about the back was the player name was only done in navy on a non pinstripe nameplate. On the left sleeve was the circle Twins logo.

Added into the fray were two different navy alternate jerseys. The home navy had “Twins” in the same font, but the lower front number was in white. The road navy jersey had the same design as the road gray. Still done in a plain navy jersey, a red spoonhead gave the jersey a nice accent.

Not to say that the Twins were without any experimentation, they had two other alternates. Late in this run, the team wore home white, vest styled tops. Seen in 1997 only, were solid red alternate jerseys. So rare are these jerseys, a 20 minutes search on Google yielded no game photos. I think I’ve found my jersey Moby Dick.

The hat transitioned to a new red with white trim lowercase “M” with an underline. Eventually the navy “TC” hat and red “TC” hat returned to action.

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  1. Myjah

    I always like that the “detached tail” in the 89-09 uniforms is actually underlining “win” in “Twins”.


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