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Retro Chic: 2010-Present

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What’s old is new. In the case of the recent uniforms worn by the Minnesota Twins, this rings true.

Up until 2015, the home uniforms were the same as the previous runs. Last season, the white jersey dropped the pinstripes and the “Twins” script color was changed. “Twins” was now in navy with a red and gold outline. This was further seen on the jersey collar. Also added was a retro 1960s home alternate top.

The road grays adopted a new “Minnesota” script as well. Now done in a cursive script, with an underline similar to the home uniforms, it gives off a look from fifty years ago. I think it gives the Twins a bold, but distinguished look.

The navy alternates stayed in the Twins wardrobe. The home navy uniforms did not change. The road “Minnesota” alternates adopted the same script style as the grays. Again, I love the look.

The team went with the “TC” logo on the hats. The home navy hat had no trim to the logo until 2015. Gold trim was added to the lid that season. The red and navy hat was brought back into the rotation as well.

Classic Threads will cover the long, storied uniforms of the Chicago Cubs tomorrow.

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  1. Myjah

    I always like that the “detached tail” in the 89-09 uniforms is actually underlining “win” in “Twins”.


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