Classic Threads: Chicago Cubs

The Cubs as Cubs: 1901-1926

Chicago History Museum / Getty Images

Chicago History Museum / Getty Images

The Cubs in the infancy of Major League Baseball, took on many different wardrobe changes. While they may not have been as polished as the uniforms people remember from the modern era, many parts of these uniforms helped develop the current look.

For the first few seasons the team wore a plain colored uniform with a collar and left shirt pocket.

The Cubs took a liking to an old English “C” for a season. Then the rounded “C” was seen for a few years.

The famous “C” featuring a cub with a bat was used in many variations throughout this era. It was on a solid white jersey, with pinstripes, even worn as the gray road uniform and navy road uniform (modern interpretation).

The “C” Cubs logo was introduced in 1909, as a road gray. Later it took on many other looks on different seasonal sets.

“Chicago” being placed on the front of the road jersey was started in 1905. Much like the home “C” it went through numerous variations. My favorite look was on the navy road jerseys.

“Cubs” being put on the front (or Chicago Cubs in 1917) was commonly seen throughout this era as well. It even got incorporated into the “C” in 1918.

Noted hats during this era included the bear cub logo on a navy blue hat. The “C” was on many different colored lids – all navy, gray with a black brim and pinstripes and white with the black brim.

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