Classic Threads: Chicago Cubs

Spoonheads and Loads of Alternates: 1927-1936

Leslie Jones / Boston Public Library

Leslie Jones / Boston Public Library

The wishbone “C” with the bear cub inside was the look on the left breast of the home white. A blue spoonhead was placed on the placket, a very smart look. For 1933 only, the spoonhead was in red and the placket was a solid blue.

For the road grays, “Chicago” was prominently featured in an arched script. The main color was red with a blue outline, which looked great.

During this era, there were numerous alternate uniforms. A “Cubs” “C” crest was worn in 1930. A stylized “Cubs” script in navy and yellow was donned in 1932 and 1933. “Chicago” in both red and blue cursive was also worn. The 1934 season gave us a “C” with mid-delivery cub logo. Finally a “Chicago” script done only in red was also worn.

The main hat was blue with a red wishbone “C”. Other alternates were worn including navy with a white “C”  and red with a blue wishbone “C”.

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