Classic Threads: Chicago Cubs

Underlining Chicago: 1937-1956

Mark Rucker / Transcendental Graphics, Getty Images

Mark Rucker / Transcendental Graphics, Getty Images

During this era, which featured the last pennant winning team in Cubs history, the uniforms took on the look of what they wear today.

The home white uniforms embraced the big “C” “Cubs” logo on the left breast. While it was plain at first, it eventually got a thin blue circle added around it. Initially a blue spoonhead and blue shoulder piping was on the jersey, only to be dropped in 1943 (the same time they went from a zip up to a button down). A vest was worn for a short time, including a unique look in 1941 and 1942 (the modern look of it). The blue undershirt had red stripes on the sleeve and white shoulders, looking like the team wore a football jersey under the tank. The back of the jerseys had the player number in blue.

The road grays took on a steady look. “Chicago” was blue in an arched script with a thin red line underneath. Red piping and trim around the collars was dropped from the uniform in 1940. From 1940 to 1942, the team went with a couple different vest styles. The same gray “Chicago” jersey was worn initially, just as a vest. Though a powder blue color with “Chicago” and the underline in white was worn the next two seasons.

The blue hat and the red wishbone “C” was the main hat the team wore.

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