Classic Threads: Chicago Cubs

Clean & Simple: 1957-1971

Harold Filan / Associated Press

Harold Filan / Associated Press

By the late fifties, the Cubs modernized their look to get en vogue. The Cubs looked pretty good in the updated uni’s.

For the home whites, the jersey added a blue pinstripe. The Cubs “C” logo was placed inside a white circle and a thin blue outline. The back of the jersey still featured only a blue player number. Added to the uniforms, in 1962, was the iconic cubs face patch on the left sleeve. The 1957 season was the only year the jersey was a zip up.

The road grays kept the arched “Chicago” script. The underline was removed. From 1958 to 1968, “Chicago” was done in blue with red trim (along with the back number). From 1969 on, it was only blue, as a front player number was also added to the lower left side. The 1957 season (back) featured a zip up jersey with “Chicago Cubs” placed on the front.

The Cubs hat was briefly, a blue hat with white stripes on the panel seams and the red with white trim “C”. The white stripes were dropped after the 1957 season.

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