Classic Threads: Chicago Cubs

The Pullover Era: 1972-1981

Focus on Sports / Getty Images

Even with the blue pinstripes and the cub face on the sleeve, Chicago was not immune from avoiding the pullover. The 1970s displayed many different road uniforms for the Cubbies.

The home jersey kept the same look as the previous run. The only difference was the fact it was a V-neck. The cub head patch was updated in 1979. The back of the jersey kept the player number in blue.

At first the road uniforms (back) the Cubs wore were gray. “Chicago” was blue with a player number on the lower left in the same color (The number was centered for the 1972 season only). The gray jersey became powder blue in 1976. Then they added a white pinstripe to the jersey in 1978. Like the home jerseys, the cub head patch got the same update in 1979. The road jersey backs went from having no player name on the back to adding the surname in blue.

There was no change to the head gear as the iconic blue hat with the red “C” stayed.

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