Classic Threads: Chicago Cubs

Modernizing a Classic Look: 1990-Present

Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

The Cubs have kept a consistent look throughout the years. For baseball fans, it’s been one of the best home and away sets in the league.

The home white jerseys kept the same look once again, this time reverting back to a button down. At first the back of the jersey only had the player number but it was not long before the player name was added. It looked great in Rookie of the Year.

The road grays went through a few variations. From 1990-1993, the gray button down had “Chicago” in blue with a white outline. The lower player number was in red with the circle “Cubs” logo on the sleeve. The back player number transitioned from blue to red.

From 1994 to 1996, the gray jersey had “Cubs” in a blue cursive script. The back of the jersey maintained the same font and color scheme as the previous road uniforms.

From 1997 on, the team went to an arched blue with white trim “Chicago” script. The front number stayed red.

The Cubs also added blue alternate uniforms. The red cursive “Cubs” script was the first alternate. It looked a lot like a batting practice jersey. This would be replaced by the walking cub “C” logo top. It’s been pretty popular in the team’s wardrobe.

An alternate road gray was added recently. With a blue spoonhead and “Cubs” in plain blue with white script, it’s a bit boring. So boring in fact that sometimes the players forget which road jersey they are supposed to wear.

During this run the sleeve patch went through two different cub head patches to the walking cub in 1997.

The standard blue hat with red “C” remained the team’s staple. A blue with red bill cap was added during the nineties as a road and alternate hat.

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