Hall of Fame Results: Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza Elected

January, 6th 2016. The date is finally here and the results are in. The 2016 Hall of Fame inductees have been decided. Ken Griffey and Mike Piazza have been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Stars such as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Trevor Hoffman and several others will have to wait at least another year.

Ken Griffey Jr. was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in his first time on the ballot with just over 99% (99.3% to be exact) of the vote, the highest percentage in history, and was not named on only three ballots. Griffey finished his 22-year-career with 630 home runs, 2,781 hits, 13 All Star appearances, and one Most Valuable Player. Most remembered for his time with the Seattle Mariners, Griffey was almost a shoo in to be elected in his first year on the ballot and it is even more of a certainty that he goes in as a Mariner.

Next up was long time Mets catcher Mike Piazza, who was elected to the Hall after being on the ballot for quite a few years. Piazza finished his 16 year career with 427 home runs, the most all time for a catcher, with 12 All Star selections and a Rookie of the Year award. Piazza also had the highest slugging percentage and OPS of any catcher in baseball history. Despite the start of his career being spent in Los Angeles with the Dodgers, Piazza will most likely enter the Hall as a New York Met. Even with the cloud of PEDs, rightfully or not, Piazza finally makes his way into the Hall of Fame in 2016.

Despite strong cases, Jeff Bagwell (71.6%), Tim Raines (69.8%), Trevor Hoffman (67.3%) and others fell just short of the 75% of votes needed to gain election into the Hall of Fame. To Griffey and Piazza, congratulations. To those other players not selected, there is always next year.

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