Piazza and Griffey Hall of Fame analysis

Its official: “the Kid” and Piazza both make the Hall of Fame by receiving 99.3% and 83.0% of the votes, respectively. Ken Griffey Jr. is the obvious choice here, racking up a career 77 WAR. Mike Piazza is the best offensive catcher of all time, as he ranks number one in almost every offensive categories for catchers.

Piazza makes it in his third year on the ballot. I think the voting process got it right with Piazza, and including making him wait a few years. His offense was rare for a catcher, but his defense did not compare to Johnny Bench, Carlton Fisk, or Ivan Rodriguez. He probably would have been a designated hitter much earlier in his career if he had been in the American League, so election in his third time on the ballot feels about right to me.

Griffey was one of the best players in my generation and made it in his first appearance on the ballot. He should have been unanimous, but there are always a couple voters who refuse to vote for anyone on the first ballot. We don’t know if any of the non-Griffey voters were the same ones who voted for Garret AndersonDavid Eckstein, or Jason Kendall, but both ends of the spectrum are frustrating. If anyone deserved to be unanimous, Griffey did.

Overall, I thought the committee got it mostly right. There weren’t many snubs, although Tim Raines should have been in as well. Not everyone is going to agree with the ballots, of course, because its hard to make everyone happy, but most will agree with it and in that case, I think it makes the final ballot fair and agreeable.

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