Where do the best free-agent outfielders fit?

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

The Angels got virtually no production out of the left field position in 2015, with the club’s left fielders putting up the lowest OPS in the league. It was thought that the Halos were going to major players for the top free-agent outfielders, but reports came out recently that Arte Moreno believes the club is “probably out” on signing a top free agent outfielder. The owner is reluctant to exceed the luxury tax threshold, which the team would have to do to sign a premier outfielder.

Despite these reports, I still believe that you can’t count them out on either Yoenis Cespedes or Justin Upton until they sign, and certainly not guys like Dexter Fowler and Gerardo Parra. Moreno could simply be saying they are out as a tactic, and swoop in the last minute and sign Cespedes or Upton. That is the scenario that played out with the Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton signings.

Best Fit

Justin Upton


Credit: Getty Images North America

Upton would be a great addition for the Angels. He would presumably slot behind Albert Pujols in the lineup, in the five spot, providing much needed protection for Trout and Pujols. The Angels are in a position to compete in the AL West but adding a premier left fielder like Upton would put them over the top.

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