Former St. Louis Cardinals Scouting Director Correa to Plead Guilty

One of the biggest stories last year was the alleged hacking of the Houston Astros database by an individual, or individuals, associated with the St. Louis Cardinals organization. It’s unclear what the actual motivation of the cyber theft might have been. In a more normal situation, that data might have been used behind the scenes to gain some competitive advantage, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Sports Illustrated sources indicated that it’s possible the entire operation was intended to embarrass Jeff Luhnow, General Manager of the Astros.

Cardinals executive Jeff Luhnow left St. Louis and joined the Houston Astros in 2011. Last June, the news broke that several months of proprietary information from the Houston Astros’ private network had been leaked, and the breach was alleged to be associated with the Cardinals.

Chris Correa, former scouting director of the St. Louis Cardinals is tentatively scheduled to plead guilty to five of twelve related charges today. Correa was fired by the Cardinals over the accusations and pending investigation. No further information has been released, but MLB has been waiting for the FBI investigation to be completed before determining their response to the breach and any punitive action that might be taken.

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