2016 New York Yankees: 3 Major Questions

The Yankees made the postseason last season, ending a two-year playoff drought, which in the Bronx felt like a decade-long drought. Nevertheless, the Yankees limped into the playoffs and failed to get past the one game playoff – getting shutout by Dallas Keuchel and the Houston Astros. Some may call the 2015 season a success for the Yankees because they overachieved. But those people probably do not live in New York. Any season that does not end in a championship is a failure for the twenty-seven time champs.

The Yankees have made it clear that they will not be big spenders in free agency until they shed some salary – Carlos Beltran, Mark Teixeira, and CC Sabathia are all free agents after the 2016 season. Moreover, the Yankees have shown a desire to get younger while still staying competitive. Cashman did an excellent job of this last offseason acquiring both Didi Gregorious and Nathan Eovaldi – in separate deals – for Shane Green, Martin Prado, and David Phelps. Both Gregorious and Eovaldi proved to be key contributors to the 2015 Yankees. This offseason has been no different for Cashman and the Yankees. Cashman has continued to look to get younger – and better – via the trade market. He has managed to do this again by acquiring Aaron Hicks, Starlin Castro, and Aroldis Chapman – in three separate trades – for John Ryan Murphy, Adam Warren, Brendan Ryan, and four prospects (none of which were their top prospects). Cashman managed to get three major league ready players for that return. Pretty impressive.

So, lets take a look at the major questions that the New York Yankees face as we turn the calender to 2016.

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  1. tillzen

    The Yankees were (and are) a success for the Steinbrenners only. This new economic “normal” lures 3 million enablers through the gates but on the field we can only win through luck instead of by design. We continue to groom players in the minors as if they are gold but then we give them only 20, 40 or less than 80 games to find their way when called up. We repeat failures expecting different results instead of having a genuine plan (like the Cardinals). They too groom players but they give their kids the time to fly or fail prior to moving them. The “Core 4” each had setbacks but with Steinbrenner suspended we were gifted just enough time to let greatness become. We the older (get-offa-my-lawn) crowd won just enough championships to put up with this current failure but I feel bad for younger fans who have to hope for luck if ever the profitable Yankees will return to on the field riches.

    • Kevin Davis

      you are totally correct. Hal is playing the fans for suckers content to rely on just being competitive while stating publicly he is committed to building a champion. If we lose he will spin it as “but we were in it” If we get lucky ( which is the only way we will win) Hal will claim to have drawn it up this way! If WE suckers keep coming he will continue HIS “winning” strategy

      • tillzen

        Right on Kevin! Empires rarely adapt their ossified culture to times “a changin’ ” unless pushed. The good news is that even if we never win another championship, their 27 and my 7 are plenty. Now the Knicks … that’s another story .

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