Building a Roster for the Hall of Very Good

Credit: Steve Russell / Toronto Star

Credit: Steve Russell / Toronto Star

DH: Carlos Delgado
The Numbers: 44.3 WAR, 39.4 JAWS, .280/.383/.546, 473 HR, 1,512 RBI, 483 2B

Delgado actually only played DH 185 times in his 17-year career, but the Hall of Very Good needs a DH, and Edgar Martinez will likely reach the Hall of Fame. If there was one player truly hurt by playing in the Steroid ERA, it was Delgado. He actually would have stood a far greater chance just by playing a few more years and entering the ballot after all of the moral wrangling over what to do with players from this era had run its course.

Delgado had remained very productive right up to the end of his career, but injuries forced his retirement at the age of 36. His numbers look commonplace in the 1990s. In any other era, slashing .344/.470/.644 with 57 doubles, 41 homers, and 137 RBIs (with more walks than strikeouts, might I add!) would have won Delgado the MVP. Instead, he finished fourth in the 2000 AL vote. That’s pretty much the story for Carlos Delgado’s career — overshadowed by guys with big PED clouds hanging over their head. There were never any with him, and he will be left out of the Hall of Fame for things outside of his control.

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