Building a Roster for the Hall of Very Good

Minnesota Twins v Toronto Blue Jays

Credit: Tom Szczerbowski / Getty Images North America

SS: Omar Vizquel
The Numbers: 45.3 WAR, 36.0 JAWS, .272/.336/.352, 2,877 hits, 11 Gold Gloves

Vizquel will be the first true test of whether or not there is still a place for a defense-first shortstop in the Hall of Fame. He played in the era of Cal Ripken, Derek Jeter, Nomar Garciaparra, and Alex Rodriguez. All players who could mash at the plate while also playing respectable defense. The model for shortstop has shifted away from the glove-only player like Vizquel. He’s way down the list for career WAR at shortstop, and his OPS of .688 falls below Phil Rizzuto, a questionable-at-best Hall of Famer.

Vizquel’s hit total likely won’t be enough to save him, as he spent the final five years of his career as a bench player. While a great fielder, Omar Vizquel is not a fit for the Hall of Fame. He does look really great suiting up for the Hall of Very Good, and the team’s front office looks forward to capitalizing on his high DRS value.

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