Building a Roster for the Hall of Very Good

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

OF: Dwight Evans
The Numbers: 66.9 WAR, 52.0 JAWS, .272/.370/.470, 385 HR, 1,384 RBI, Eight Gold Gloves

Here’s another outfielder with eight Gold Gloves to his name. Wow, this team is going to run down a lot of flyballs. Evans is almost exactly like Edmonds in many regards. He has more hits, but played three more years. Evans only made three All-Star teams. He did have one third place MVP finish, but only received votes in four other seasons.

Except for one season, his last in the league, Evans spent his entire career playing for the Boston Red Sox. For the Red Sox, he really did do it all — played great defense, got on base, hit for power. Evans led the league in walks three times and in OPS twice. His 22 home runs led the AL in the strike-shortened 1981 season. Just like the other players on this list, however, Evans falls into the category of being really, really good, but never in the conversation for best player in the league. And yes, it certainly is a travesty that Evans’ teammate Jim Rice is enshrined in the Hall of Fame and he is not. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles with a completely subjective, popularity-contest-like voting process.

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