Five Monster Questions For The 2016 Boston Red Sox

1. Will Dustin Pedroia be able to stay healthy and lead the team back to the postseason?

With David Ortiz set to retire after the 2016 season, Pedroia is primed to take over as the team leader. The talent, heart, and drive have never been in question. In fact, his Lazer Show intensity might even lead to some of the wear and tear on his body — that’s not victim blaming, it’s simply the fact that playing hard can sometimes lead to injury. Coming into last season, Petey was recovering from a wrist injury. At first, he looked great, slashing .291/.367/.477 in April, which are all pretty much in line with his career numbers. Other than July and August, when he was bouncing on-and-off the disabled list, he was having a great season. His 2.0 WAR — in 425 plate appearances — was his career worst, but in no way signals some massive decline heading into his age-32 season.

Yes, the kids — Xander Bogaerts, Mookie Betts, Travis Shaw, and Brock Holt — are the core for success moving forward, but they will need Petey (and his two World Series rings) to guide them.

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