Five Major Questions for the 2016 Arizona Diamondbacks.

 @DBacks on Twitter

@DBacks on Twitter

What in the world is with all those uniforms, and how will they be used?

Going into 2016, the Diamondbacks have tossed the old uniform design norms out the window. They are hitting the field with eight uniforms, many sporting a new and stylish snakeskin pattern at the shoulders and on the back of the calves.

One thing is certain, you will know what team is on the field, because these are going to stand out like those old Houston Astros uniforms back in the 1970s, or the ugly green Athletics uniforms in the 1980s. Whether this new look will catch on and inspire other teams, or become another fashion speed bump in the history of the sport, the 2016 Diamondbacks will have a distinct and flashy look going into what could very well be a breakout season, and that will almost certainly be better than the last. In more ways than one, the 2016 Diamondbacks are looking good.

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