Classic Threads: Cincinnati Reds

Blue Accents: 1934-1946

Cincinnati Museum Center

Cincinnati Museum Center

A new color was added to the mix, navy blue.

The wishbone “C Reds” logo became a prominent fixture on the home jersey. It was even used on a road gray in 1936. The first couple years had the chest logo with no fill or background, just the red based logo. The 1936 season saw the “C” in navy blue. The “C” returned to red as the logo was filled in with a navy background.

In 1936 and 1937, the team experimented with a red “Reds” cursive script with tail on the left chest. These home whites were worn as an alternate, paired with red pants in the 1936 season. It was very bold for that time.

The road gray uniforms kept the “Cincinnati” arched script. Initially it was red with a blue trim in a stylized font. By 1939, it went to a sans serif font, dropping the navy accent.

The first hat worn during the era was a white with red bill cap, featuring a red “C”. The 1935 season saw a version of the white hat with a blue brim. A navy hat with red brim and “C” became the team’s only lid for the rest of the era.

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