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McCarthyism & Vests: 1956-1966

Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati Enquirer

With the rising of Senator Joseph McCarthy and his push for a red scare in America, the Cincinnati Reds actually changed their uniforms in response. The team fearing Americans would boycott the team in fear of association of the communist party, changed their team name to “Redlegs”. Furthermore the “C Reds” logo would remove the “Reds” part to go all in on the move to prove the ball club was truly American.

The uniforms went to a vest styled look.

From 1956 to 1960 the wishbone “C” was on the left side of the uniform. A red player number was put on the right chest. The first couple seasons, the top was a plain white. The rest of this run, it went to a white with red pinstripe top. By the 1960’s, the “C Reds” logo, with the black background, returned as the team went back to the Reds moniker after 1959.

The road grays took on a few different looks. For the 1956 season, the Mr. Redlegs mascot head was on the right side. Keeping it symmetrical, a red player number was on the right chest. From 1957 to 1960, the left logo was the wishbone “C”. By the end of the red scare, “Cincinnati” in the same red arched style as the previous run, returned. The player number was shifted to the left side, under the city script.

The team wore four different hat in this era. For the 1956 season they had the all red, white “C” hat. There was also the white with red brim and red pinstripes cap. Also there was a plain white with red brim and gray with red brim hat.

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