Classic Threads: Cincinnati Reds

The Big Red Pullover Machine: 1967-1992

Focus On Sports / Getty Images

Focus On Sports / Getty Images

This ear included the most iconic look for many baseball fans, the V-neck jersey.

For the first few seasons 1967 to 1971, the Reds still wore button down jerseys. The home white uniforms had the “C Reds” logo, now in a red background on the left side. The player number, in red, was still on the right side of the uniform. The 1967 uniform was in a red pinstripe. The road uniforms kept the red arched “Cincinnati” script and player number underneath.

When the team unveiled the 1972 pullovers, I doubt many people would think they would keep that look for twenty seasons.

The home white jerseys kept the same look as uniforms had when they were button downs. The road uniforms made a slight change. In 1968 the arch of the city script was leveled out. It kept that appearance from then on.

There was even an added red alternate uniform in the 1980’s. It featured “Cincinnati” in white, with the front number as well. On the back, the player name and number was white. As is stated on that photo, I could not find the team actually wearing these. The only thing close to that was the “C Reds” logo red jersey which was a batting practice top. Though the team wore this in the All Star Game.

The team wore their iconic red with white wishbone “C” cap.

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