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Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati Enquirer

The Reds were one of the last teams to wear the pullover jersey. By the 1993 season the team decided to go back to button downs but maintain a classic feel.

The home white uniforms were a vest style in a red pinstripe. The wishbone red “C Reds” was on the chest for the first few seasons. From 1999 on, the “C Reds” logo went to a black accented look.

The road grays took on a few looks themselves. From 1993 to 1998 in a gray with red pinstripe look, “Cincinnati” was done in red with white trim. The player number shifted over to the right side. Black was added to the 1999 jerseys, plain gray vest style uniforms. The player number on the front went back to the left side. “Cincinnati”, along with the number, added a black drop shadow to the script’s trim.

The team also kept a red alternate. Modeled after the home uniforms, the red with black spoonhead had the “C Reds” logo on the left. The player number was added on the right.

The team wore a few different hats. The home hats initially were the white with red brim and pinstripe look seen in the 1950s. The red with white “C” hats were worn on the road. When black was added to the uniforms, the home hat was red with the black brim, with a white with black trim “C”. The away hat went to a black with red brim look with a red “C”.

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