Classic Threads: Milwaukee Brewers

Baseball’s Back in the Brew City: 1970-1977

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The first two seasons saw the Brewers essentially wear re-badged Pilots uniforms. Since the franchise moved in such close proximity to the start of the 1970 season, there was not enough time to make new jerseys.

The 1970 and 1971 season saw the team wearing button down uniforms. The home white uniforms had “Brewers” in a blue with yellow outline script. The 1971 jerseys featured a front player number on the left side. The powder blue road uni’s had “Brewers” in a yellow with blue trim script similar to the Pilots font. Much like the 1971 home uniform, a player number was added on the left.

From 1972 on, the home and away jerseys shared the same style. Both featured “Brewers” in a blue with yellow outline with same colored player number. The home was a white pullover, while the road uniforms were a powder blue V-neck.

The initial hat was an all blue with yellow block “M”. This became the home hat in 1974, as the road lid was a blue “M” on a yellow front panel.

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