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Added Scripts: 1933-1947

The Sporting News

The Sporting News

Blue and red were still the colors the Pirates went by in this era.

The “P” chest logo became a home exclusive for the 1933 to 1935 seasons. The logo went to red with blue trim  on a plain white jersey with a blue spoonhead. By 1935 the home and away jerseys (back) featured “Pirates” in stylized red with blue trim script. The road jerseys had this look already in 1933.

The script would change over to a cursive font with a tail for the 1938 and 1939 seasons.

The team went back to a chest logo for the 1940 and 1941 seasons, putting on the pirate head logo.

In 1942, the Pirates went to a more conventional home nickname, away city look. “Pirates” in a red with blue trim serif block font was on the red spoonhead home jersey. “Pittsburgh”, in the same fashion, was on the gray, with red spoonhead, uniform.

The 1947 season saw the team go back to button downs (having been with zippers since 1939). The jerseys, with a blue spoonhead, put the front script (from 42) in a blue cursive font.

Initially, the Pirates kept the navy and red “P” hat until the 1940 season. A blue hat with a red and white striped bill was worn for a few seasons. This transitioned to a blue with white “P” look. The 1947 team had a stylized “P” on their cap.

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